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The dirty little secret no one tells you about retirement…

Free Time Costs Money

Time to take a look at your retirement bucket list ...

  • Do you normally take one or two vacations each yearNow you could have time to take more. How much will that cost?
  • Do you want to visit the children and grandchildren more often How far away do they live? How expensive is it to get there?
  • How often would you like try new restaurantsVersus stay in and cook?
  • What leisure activities can you now pursue What events can you now attend? How much will these new tickets and activities cost?

These are just the start of countless questions to ask as you plan ahead for retirement.

Many of us envision a retirement spent around leisure activities, but have underestimated the costs...

How do you budget ahead for these activities, while accounting for everyday living expenses such as housing, utilities, and potential increased health care costs?

Our Services

We are there for you through life's big financial milestones, working with you in the years up to and throughout retirement

Retirement Planning

Whether you're building wealth or transitioning into retirement, we work to create a retirement plan for you with three goals in mind:


Optimize your assets to last throughout your expected lifetime by helping you plan and monitor withdrawal rates and coordinate tax efficient distributions.  


Craft a financial plan that provides the level of income needed for a comfortable and secure retirement. We also incorporate and analyze additional incomes such as Social Security as well as help budget for additional expenses such as Medicare.


Help assure that your family is protected and that you have the right estate plan in place for you and your next generation.

When it comes to retirement, we place an emphasis on aligning your risk tolerance with your portfolio goals. You have worked hard to accumulate your nest egg, and as you approach retirement, it is vital to keep an eye on risk.  At this stage, we believe that wealth preservation for you and your family starts to take prominence over wealth accumulation.

Additional services we provide include:

Financial Planning

Wealth Management

Tax and Estate Planning Coordination*

Charitable Giving

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*Please Note: TSW Wealth Management does not serve as an attorney or accountant. TSW Wealth Management does not prepare estate planning documents or tax returns.

Client Experience

What you can expect as a client

Becoming a Client

Our Typical Clients

Located just outside of Boston, TSW Wealth Management works with affluent individuals and families throughout New England and across the country. 

Our customary clients are pre-retirees and retirees. 

Pre-retirees are generally seeking guidance on investment strategies to begin to save and start to plan ahead for retirement. Retirees are looking for assistance during retirement, a crucial time to carefully manage one’s portfolio and prepare for important decisions. 

We work with the majority of our clients throughout both of these phases, supporting them through life’s big financial milestones.

Complimentary Introductory Meeting

The first step on your road towards financial independence is an introductory meeting where we get an overview of your financial picture, and simply get to know each other by asking questions to start to understand your future goals.

Similarly, we want you to learn more about our firm, our processes, and investment philosophy. We spend a significant amount of time in this initial stage to determine if we believe we are the right long-term partners before continuing the relationship.

Selection of Services

If we mutually agree that the relationship is a good fit, we will then re-examine our service offerings with you, and work to structure our relationship to suit your needs; whether you are looking to simply utilize our Wealth Management services, or looking to leverage both our Wealth Management and our Retirement and Financial Planning Services.

Depending on the services selected, we will then go through an extensive data gathering of your financial position to obtain additional details needed to progress.

Client Experience

Running Your Financial Plan

We can run a multi-faceted retirement and financial plan to review that the areas of your financial life are coordinated and working towards your goals. 

Once developed, we’ll have a meeting to review your personalized plan and our recommendations. As we go through the analysis, we will discuss running alternative scenarios so that you can see how your plan changes when you adjust different variables.

Wealth Management

We offer discretionary portfolio management, meaning that we provide ongoing investment advice, designing, managing and monitoring your investment portfolio so that it is aligned to work towards your personal goals.

Overall, we strongly believe in the investment principles of asset allocation, diversification, and rebalancing to enhance portfolio returns and/or help manage risk over the long run.

Regular Review Meetings

A financial “check-up”, we regularly meet to review your investment portfolio and progress towards your goals, keeping you updated on changes and making portfolio adjustments as necessary.

Review meetings are held in-person at our office, or via phone or video conference depending on your preference.

Your life changes, the economy changes, the stock market changes - we want to meet with you to make sure that your plan is still on track.  As time goes on, we may need  modify your portfolio’s risk tolerance as you progress further into retirement, or run an updated analysis to incorporate new goals or other life changes.

Quarterly Performance Reports

Quarterly, we provide illustrative performance reports detailing the investment performance of your portfolio versus different financial benchmarks, as well as additional allocation breakdowns, individual fund performances, and other details.

Your Financial Coach

Market fluctuations are a natural part of the business cycle.  As your personal financial coach, we can help you to avoid making emotional and reactionary decisions by encouraging you to stay focused on your long-term investment plan and goals. 

You now also have access to two CFP® professionals. By providing independent and objective advice, we can help walk you through the decision making process and your options as questions arise such as:

  • Do we have enough to afford a vacation home?
  • Are we able to help support an aging parent’s nursing home expenses? Or support an adult child moving back home?
  • How do we start to budget for Medicare costs?
  • I keep hearing about Long Term Care – what does this mean to me?

Your Financial Assistant

Leverage our client service team to help with your day-to-day service needs on your financial accounts. 

Allow us to problem solve and interact with the investment companies so that you don’t have to.  We can help with items such as:

  • I've moved, can you help me update my address?
  • We're re-financing our mortgage, can you help us download statements to provide to the bank? 
  • My attorney just drafted a new Trust, how do I make beneficiary updates on my accounts?
  • I don’t understand this line item on a statement; could someone help me investigate?

Online Tools and Logins

You’ll have access to our Client Portal and Mobile App which allow you to login and review your investment accounts whether you’re at your computer or on the go! Also download your quarterly performance reports, securely send documents back and forth to our office, and more.

As a client, you’ll also be granted access to Everplans – a powerful organizational tool where you and your family can organize your financial, medical, legal, and other important personal information for your estate plan.

To learn more about these systems, please check out the Client Logins tab.

Our Firm

Who is TSW Wealth Management?

Simply stated, for the past 25 years, our mission
has been to help our clients achieve their financial goals.

We are a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), meaning the firm must meet a fiduciary standard. The fiduciary standard includes the obligation to do what is in the client’s best interest at all times, which is a level of responsibility we take with the utmost seriousness.

As an independent Registered Investment Advisor, we have the ability to provide independent and objective financial advice. We are not tied to a particular investment or fund company, allowing us the flexibility to choose the investments and vehicles that we believe are best for our clients.

Being a boutique firm, we are able to provide the capabilities and technologies of a larger institution, but with the highly personalized service and flexibility often afforded by smaller organizations. Developing lasting relationships with our clients, every call or email is answered directly by a member of our advisory or our client service team, not routed through a prompt system.

Explore Our Retirement Planning Services

Terry B. Wells, CFP®, ChFC®, CLU® Photo

Terry B. Wells, CFP®, ChFC®, CLU®

Managing Principal
Read Bio

Terry B. Wells, CFP®, ChFC®, CLU®

Managing Principal

Terry became a financial advisor in 1991 and shortly there after established his own firm because he wanted to be able to provide clients with independent and objective advice.  In 1996, Terry founded the firm that would go on to become TSW Wealth Management.  Prior to starting the firm, Terry began his career as a CPA in public accounting, where he worked for two of the largest public accounting firms in the country. 

Terry has earned several designations in financial services including:

  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) - 1993 
  • Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC®) - 1995
  • Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU®) - 1998

For over the past decade, Terry has been named a Five Star Wealth Manager by Five Star Professional*. See disclosures*.

Terry is a member of the:

  • Financial Planning Association (FPA)
  • Society of Financial Services Professionals (FSP)

Terry is thrilled to have his daughter, Sarah, partner with him at the firm solidifying the family’s commitment to the business. Outside the office, Terry enjoys traveling and spending time on Cape Cod with his wife, and walking his dog, Sadie.

Sarah A. Wells, CFP® Photo

Sarah A. Wells, CFP®

Read Bio

Sarah A. Wells, CFP®


Sarah has been with TSW Wealth Management for over 12 years. She originally started as Vice President of Operations, but within two years quickly rose into her current role as a financial advisor and Principal of the Firm. The last two years, Sarah has joined Terry in being named a Five Star Wealth Manager by Five Star Professional*. Separately, Sarah also appeared in Fortune Magazine for Five Star's Women in Wealth*. See disclosures*.

Sarah has earned her:

  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP®)

and is also a member of the:

  • Financial Planning Association (FPA).

Graduating cum laude from Bucknell University, she holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, and a dual degree in Political Science with a concentration in International Politics. During this time, Sarah also studied at the University of Melbourne's business school focusing on global economics and business. In preparation for her financial planning certification, Sarah also completed Boston University's Financial Planning Program.

Before joining TSW, Sarah moved to Philadelphia for an international insurance firm where she worked closely with Fortune 500 companies on their global business insurance programs.

Sarah loves working with the Firm’s clients and helping them prepare for retirement. She is delighted to be able to partner with Terry and continue to grow the company. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys traveling with her husband and young son, running along the Charles River, and trying out new restaurants.

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